25 Years Cooking…even on Lazy Sundays

Well, I usually cook in any given day.

I was twelve when decided it was enough to eat my mother’s food. Don´t get me wrong! Mum cooks well. But I was really tired of a permanent menu, permanent flavours and permanent ingredients combination.

The first years were characterized by a fun exploration of flavours and textures. I was not quite committed on creating master pieces or something of a kind. I decided that first it would be paramount to know everything about food…mainly to try & taste everything without constrains. To do so, I went every time I could to the market and bring different vegetables, fishes, fruits, herbs, on so on. I also took advantage on the fact that my parents would travelled a lot over the world. So it was easy to try, again without constrains, everything that was on the menu. Often on this journeys I would go to markets searching for meals cooked on location. Well, sometimes the consequences were severe (stomach & other body parts!) but often inspiring.avocado

The years went on and my cooking became consistent and rich in terms of portfolio. I was always the designated Chef at friend’s. That was sometimes dull, but later I’ve found as well the advantages on cooking for the female guests ! I did some strong impression on a few during the college and university years! Finally, I understood I was a strong Chef when started to cook the Christmas supper for the family. Will never forget a kiss from the late grand mothers and the reclamations absence from my Father. Nevertheless, sometimes a major problem rises when you are the only one at home cooking. Often, when I land at the airport late afternoon, the hello phone call finishes with the sentence: “Ah, what will you cook for dinner?“. As you see, sometimes a MacDonald’s sounds as perfect as a braised tuna toro with  fresh sepia pasta all seasoned with sesame oil and seeds on top.

I will write more about my cooking again one of these days. But today is Sunday…and I’m feeling to lazy to keep writing. Dinner? Done! I did some nice beef fajitas with home made guacamole, sour cream and refried beans!


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