The EU Citizens had almost zero chances to escape the miserable consequences of the colossal mistakes and wrong course of actions taken for almost 20 years (pre-euro) from the majority of the European Union Member States with the connivance of all key EU Institutions. Sharp as the picture following this article, this is the reality. There’s no (almost) escape.

There’s almost no escape as well from the political zombies inhabiting the generality of the Governments constraining the lives of millions across Europe. YES…zombies! They just do not disappear and keep infecting their surroundings. There are sporadic new political organizations like NEOS in Austria, trying to implement a new political paradigm. Then, on the opposite, the British Liberal Democrats are an example of a political party gone zombie cooperating with an overwhelming populist right wing Government. After massive loses on local elections, they seek regeneration at the eyes of the constituent’s. Is there a cure for zombie infection?

How can be stopped this European roulette? How can we stop the breeding of political zombies?

Shall we follow Russell Brand’s political revolution? Yes, if we make the revolution at any given elections. But prior to that, we also must identify and support new DNA political organizations. This is our obligation IF we really want change and commit to a new tomorrow based on different paradigms.

The time for innuendos must be called off. We must call upon all of us such responsibility. This is the time to build a de facto engagement and celebrate one of the most potential assets in the world – DEMOCRACY.

@alexkrausz | 2014

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