The old Soviet Emporium is officially back.

Nothing that was not visible. Just wasn’t formally announced by its Supreme Leader Putin. Well, it is now and through the good old soviet fashion – invading a sovereign country and obliterating all its citizens’ freedoms and rights overnight using fear as menace.

Putin DNA is widely known – KGB, and he never stopped using it over the last decade to constrain to the maximum all the internal political & non-political contenders, all the regional neighbours, all the international actors…and Pussy Riot!

The strategy it’s quite straight forward. The new Soviets will occupy fully Crimea, and then establish a deadline for Ukraine troops to surrender or leave. Finally, Putin will be ready to negotiate. This is crystal clear. Check

On the other side the absent friends. The European Union, the US and Canada making noise, strange and serious faces on TV and within the UN Assembly. Basically, all these actors will demand that the new Soviets will depart from Crimea and Ukraine has the undertake actions are “serious and a clear violation of the International Law”. Putin, the Soviet Supreme Leader, will take 5 seconds of his time to really take into consideration the buzz generated by these set of complaining countries and keep doing whatever his doing. Why? Do you have any idea of the amount of Russian assets in London, Paris or New York? Yes…a LOT.

Economics have sterilized almost the US and EU politics in the last 2 decades. The greed on capturing the largest possible financial assets from the remains of the old Soviet leaders and the assets of the new rich and corrupt Russian actors (State and Private) to the main western markets since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been overwhelming. The key financial institutions are compromised up to their necks as we speak. The same is to say their Governments. Obama and the EU Partners can menace the Soviet Supreme Leader and so on. But, at the end of the day, business as usual will pursue.

The absent friends were never there to help Ukraine and above all, help the Ukraine’s to leave the Russian claws and built a stronger and European Ukraine. It is late and the IMF and EU cannot throw money on the problem. The right timing was 20 years ago.

Putin is the only one to fully control the events. He is the one playing core cards and almost without constrains. The western forces are quite compromised and aware of such. The Ukraine’s are alone and led as well by compromised leaders with a past and an agenda.

It is deeply sad to acknowledge such, but this is the reality.

Alexandre Krausz | | @alexkrausz

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  1. You’re right. This could have been foreseen three months ago. The problem is that Putin has the force with him – no, I don’t mean brute force, but the force of argumentation: Let’s examine what happened:
    Yanukovich was a democratically elected president, getting rid of him in the way he was deposed of – not that *I* would shed any tears BTW – is hardly reconcilable with the workings of an established democracy. Transition to a better future was agreed upon – and WITH Russian! backing – in writing some hours before that very agreement became moot! Israel – and nobody of the dramatis personae on the “good” side (that is the US, the UK and the EU) would deny that – had all the right in the world to take back its own homeland after roughly 2000 years. So surely Russia is entitled to take its own back (in the case of Crimea we’re talking 50+ years, in the case of the Kievan Rus a mere 1000 years), aren’t they?
    Add to that the fact that the presently ruling Ukrainians aren’t of the highest democratic pedigree and have proven that by revoking minority language rights about a week ago (something a *transition* government should NOT have done!).
    No wonder that the Russian bear got nasty…

    • Laurent, with all the respect Russia have controlled the region of present Ukraine only since 1667 – that is much less than 1000 years if I did my Maths right. Before, it was controlled by Poland and Lithuania for more than 300 years. Before, it was ruled by Mongols, Hungarians, Vikings and last but not least it was an independent country itself under Grand Princes of Kiev for a while many years before Moscow and Russia was even founded.

    • I think by your logic Crimea needs to be given back to Tatars. Over the past millennium I think they’ve had the longest lasting presence there. The ones that weren’t killed during the Soviet ethnic cleansing, that are now coming back to their homes, find their homes and lands occupied; with no hope of getting them back like some of the Jewish folks who were able to go back and reclaim their stolen homes in Germany. Though yeah let’s sympathize with Russia on this, are you for serious?

  2. In the middle of February as a result of putsch against democraticaly elected president, Ukraine has been grasped by fascist and racists underground. Russia again will stop fascism in Europe.

  3. That’s wrong in many ways. If Putin back up off today, it’s because he can’t handle economic sanction from Europe and USA. Moreover, Europe and USA won’t send any troop because it will be na encouragement for Ukraine to use force to taking back the crimea and eventually lead to an open war.
    A elected president don’t mean he was legitime. Heave corruption in Ukraine was the main reason of that push. That’s why today, Europe and Russie have no right to interfere in Ukraine.

  4. You are wrong . There is something call Block East Resistance. There is something we have all the common . we had enough of Stalin/Russia. And half of us, are not longer little weak country’s ; but influence ones . inside an big community .. and no one from Block East will be forgotten, like in old times when people would resist and pas to the others side , in Germany embassy in Prague . Never the less Ukrainian prefers to stay independent like Switzerland , neither in Russia , neither in Europe, neither in US.But speak of Europe and focus in Old Europe ….
    April 2010
    Look for the list of country’s
    Attending dignitaries who were in state funeral of Lech and Maria Kaczyńska
    Country Representative(s)
    This are the ones who stand for Ukrainian . The people who drive 18 hours , for the others pain .

  5. Tough situation man! Economics ruling the game here, correct. And I understand why Russia is angry. On the one hand, a nasty leader was deposed by its people. On the other, this ex-leader (Yakunovich) had the strong of Russia and, getting rid of him left that region unbalanced politically.
    Whatever the situation is, I agree, ENOUGH with Rusisans there!

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