A question popped up last night on CNN: «Why the EU does not act strongly towards Putin? ».The answer was straight forward: «Due their dependence on Russian gas. ».

Once more Europe’s best operational decision on a crisis management is to call Barack Obama and ask him to muscle up the best he can (or want). The EU external political action has, once more, been resumed to continuous academic peace declarations. Like a dog that barks and doesn’t bite, the main EU actors lack a single voice and assertive actions towards the bullies that continues to jeopardize a strong Europe.The "Gas" role on the Ukraine crisis.

Further, it is not throwing the 11 billion euros announced today by Brussels that will prevent the continuing of the tension escalation in Ukraine. The problem it’s so much deeper and complex rather paying Ukraine’s Gazprom bills as announced yesterday by the European Commission.

Ukraine has been divided and it is divided. Crimea was the trigger and the justification for an obvious coup d’état from the new Soviet Emporium lead by Putin, just weeks after the coup in Kiev where the former President was overthrow.

In 1991 upon the declaration of independence, the Ukraine’s after decades of closure, were faced with overwhelming challenges and the lack of a deep and real compromise from the European Union. This is the root of the problem. Of course, and over the years, an engagement base was built among Ukraine and Brussels but never pursuing a real and unreserved partnership. Why? Due to Russia’s regional political status quo? Maybe that is part of the reason, but back then Russia was politically weakened. The key problem was that Europe was even less political cohesive with the main State Members only looking to their belly buttons and without a long term strategy.

The result is obvious. No one wants to lose the warmth provided by Russian gas or see the industrial sector without power. Putin knows such…and will continue to smile to all academic cries coming from Brussels.

Alexandre Krausz | @alexkrausz

Cartoon by Rodrigo


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