All of us played with balloons somewhere down the road on our childhood. Maybe, we still watch our children doing it. This TV sitcom kind of international tension among US, UE and Russia is like the balloon that we blow and then are unable to tight it up. So, as a collateral joyful process the balloon is liberated and we make a buzz on the massive erratic fly path as Family Guy’s Peter Griffin after drinking a red bull can.

As a Swiss watch, Putin knew from minus one seconds to go, the precise reactions from Ukraine, European Union and United States reactions on Crimea invasion. All started with some “necessary” military training next to Ukraine’s boarder to peacefully insert a small but highly skilled military team within Crimea when all eyes where upon the dust and noise some kilometers upper north. The rest is recent news.

No news here!

No news here!

It is clear that nothing will happen to Russia (or the new Soviet Emporium). Well, something already did…Crimea was annexed obliterating the sovereign Nation of Ukraine. The Ukrainians Nationals were crashed and live in a permanent menace all over Crimea. Unfortunately this is a closed case. No one will pick up a war with Moscow, neither a military nor even an economic one. Remember Tibet 60 years ago? China is today THE world’s commercial partner.

Russia it’s a massive market for all top multinational corporations. Such corporations could not care less about Nation sovereignty or human rights. These corporations just operate focus on shareholders gains. Russia it’s an almost 150 million market and such represents billions of USD and EUR. As written my previous article Economics have sterilized almost the US and EU politics in the last 2 decades, and today Government’s and all worlds key economies are fully constrain by the mentioned multinational corporations.

Ukraine and all Ukrainians can only count with their perseverance towards their sovereignty. But they should count with the support on millions across the world to generate movements against Russian companies avoiding Russian made products. This is not the ideal answer. But it is the most practical one. Economics dictate international politics and new strategies are necessary to prevent the dramatic events like the ones being lived in Crimea and Ukraine.

Alexandre Krausz | | @alexkrausz

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